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If you’re reading this blog, and enjoying it at all, then you probably share my exasperated despair at the ceaseless tide of brands telling us they’re ‘passionate’ about whatever it is they do.

It’s one of those words that someone, somewhere, decided sounded great, and then the rest of the marketing world agreed. So now everyone uses it, and any value it may once have had has become so utterly diluted, the word is now worse than meaningless. It’s become actively irritating, suggesting nothing but cynical, bandwoggoning insincerity.

But I needn’t go on, because David Mitchell, that comedian off the telly, has said it much better on his (excellent) YouTube channel, David Mitchell’s Soapbox. It’s a channel I’ve become amorously obsessed with.


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Plenty of clichés. Not enough punctuation.

Amey line

Service. Passion. People. Strength.

Count those clichés. It all sounds a bit George W Bush: ‘Families is where our nation takes hope. Where wings take dream.’

But where’s that final full stop? If it was good enough for the first sentence, why not the second?

The offending brand:

Amey van

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