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May I have this UK Independance?

UKIP leaflet mis-spelled

Thanks to Nick Asbury for tweeting me this rather confused piece of election material today.

However frothingly bonkers a party may be, one does expect them to be able to spell their own name. (Not to mention understanding the use of full stops and capital letters.)

The BNP has a good strategy in this regard: even its most Neanderthal members can, presumably, put three letters in the right order.

Perhaps UKIP should just stick to initials.


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Will you tell them, or shall I?

Poolife screengrab

Here’s the full Poolife website.

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Going a bit quiet

Sorry that I’ve gone a bit quiet recently. An avalanche of work has descended on me, just as I begin to prepare in earnest for next week’s house move.

Were I given to weary popular cliché, I might suggest this is a perfect storm of conditions, conspiring to whirl me away from concentrating on this blog. But I’m not, so I won’t.

Instead, I’ll just apologise for the ongoing silence. It will, I hope, be broken very soon after I’ve unpacked a few boxes and found something to sit on at the new house.

In the meantime, here’s a dodgy iPhone shot of my local yoga centre, which I can’t help feeling could have been better named.

Kripalu Centre

Until later, then.

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