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Full stop.

Red stop light

Enough. I’m calling time on Subbing The World, I’m afraid.

Well, I say ‘I’m afraid’, as if this eventuality might cause some significant consternation out there. But the stats for this little venture don’t lie:

WP stats

Sigh. However, it’s not really the teeny-weeny readership that’s stopping me. (Bless each one of you by the way, especially if you commented.) On a good day, I think I’ve hit around 80 views. And if I had 80 people in a room listening to me, I’d no doubt be delighted, if a little intimidated. In fact, the attention of half that many real, live people would probably be enough to fire a warm glow in the heart, and the cheeks.

So it’s not really that. It’s partly that I’m just stupidly busy with the work people actually pay me for. And it’s also a nagging feeling that if I’m going to blog about anything, it should be something more positive and fun, rather than scoring points off people being crap. If you’re not careful with this sort of thing, you start to feel like this woman featured in The Onion recently:

The Onion: pop culture expert

There’s a fine line between defending quality and just jeering from the sidelines. And I’m starting to feel a bit jeery.

So thanks to everyone who told me they liked the blog. And sorry if this comes in any way as a disappointment. Maybe I’ll think of something fun to do instead, like the divine and hilarious Mr Blog.

I do have a sporadic worky blog on my website, if you’re interested. But I’m pretty hopeless at the discipline of blogging regularly, so don’t expect too much.

(It all changes when it comes to micro-blogging, of course. I have personal and work Twitter accounts, and would love to have you along on those, if you’re not already.)

Otherwise, au revoir, Merry Christmas, and generally positive vibes, okay?



(That full stop train signal at the top is from another erratic project of mine, by the way.)


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