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Good words from the New York Times

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I only just realised that I hadn’t added the New York Times‘ splendid After Deadline blog to my blogroll. Slapped wrists all round. The mistake has been rectified.

The latest entry tackled split infinitives (yes, you can) and The Great And Question – which so incensed me, I created a little booklet about it that some of you may have seen.

Author Philip B Corbett (middle initials are a legal requirement for American males) also addresses the question of using ‘they’ as a singular pronoun (no, you can’t).

The whole blog is done with wit, good humour and common sense. In fact it’s much better than mine, dammit.


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Some good words from the New York Times

NYT After Deadline

Copywriting agency Polon tweeted a link to this useful blog from the New York Times, which seems to be doing something rather similar to me. So I thought I’d tell you about it, as a break from the whingeing.

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